Do You Need a Child Custody Attorney?

If you and your former spouse are handling your divorce and custody issues with grace and dignity, then you are to be congratulated. However, no matter how cooperative you and your ex are about these issues, you still need to have experienced legal representation. Unfortunately, child custody cases can turn ugly seemingly in an instant, and over trivial matters that normally wouldn't cause much of a problem. If your ex suddenly decides to turn combative over child custody, you don't want to have to scramble to find a good Pembroke Pines child custody attorney. You should find one as soon as divorce appears inevitable.You're Co-Parents Even After DivorceAfter a divorce, both parents have rights, and the children have the right to have both parents in their lives as they grow up. In Florida, the concept of granting one parent custody and the other visitation rights is pretty much a thing of the past. Rather, both parents are granted joint custody and are required to come up with a reasonable parenting plan so that children are able to maintain good relationships with both parents. If you have a skilled Pembroke Pines lawyer helping you with your child custody case, you stand a much better chance of working out a parenting plan that is reasonable and fair.Know Your RightsEx-spouses are notorious for throwing accusations at one another and trying to declare that the other parent is somehow "unfit." If your ex is trying to intimidate you, then you need legal representation to help you handle the matter and preserve your rights as a parent,Coach Factory. If your ex is avoiding child support payments, your lawyer can advise you on the best way to address the situation,Coach Factory Outlet. A Pembroke Pines family lawyer who has been practicing for several years has seen every trick in the book and knows how to respond without inflaming the already sensitive circumstances.Is Mediation an Option, involves working out a parenting and child support plan with the help of a mediator rather than the traditional way of each side working with legal counsel. It is quicker and does cost less than a typical divorce negotiation, but mediation is not always best. If your ex wants to go through mediation, don't agree to it until you have spoken with legal counsel and are thoroughly aware of what your rights are. Otherwise you could be cheated out of a fair settlement. Your lawyer can help you decide if mediation is the best way of working out a settlement in your case, and if it is, he or she can help you find a mediator who is qualified and fair.Your Child's Future is No Place to Cut CornersYour child's future is too important to leave to chance. If you are divorcing or otherwise trying to work out a parenting plan with your child's other parent, having a competent Pembroke Pines lawyer working on your behalf is one of the best investments you can make in your child's future,Coach Factory Outlet Online. Author's Bio:
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